Terms & Conditions

General Terms of participation

Participation of players in Fixed odds Betting Games is allowed to those who have completed the 21st year of their age.

Participation in competitions is the sole responsibility of the participants and implies the full, absolute and unconditional acceptance of the provisions of the relevant legislation and the terms and conditions set each time by OPAP S.A. and communicated in any appropriate way.

The official results are available within a few minutes after the end of the race and announced on the website pamestoixima.gr.

When the profits are paid, the tax is withholded directly from OPAP S.A. according to the current Legislation.

The maximum amount of profit paid per participation, whether it contains one or more combinations, is set at the amount of one million euros (€ 1.000.000), unless otherwise is specified and disclosed in any appropriate manner.

The profits are collected from agencies authorized by OPAP SA., or cooperating Banks, according to the procedure defined each time by OPAP SA.

Non-claimed winnings are barred after the lapse of three (3) months from the date of the respective tender.

Betting Rules

Participant is defined as the one that takes place in the starting line.

During the time between the announcement of these events and their start, there may be withdrawals or scratching of participants. The withdrawn or scratched participants are considered as non-participants.

In case the participant included in the player's selection withdraws or is scratched, and another participant does not replace him, the bet shall be refunded to the player for the betting types: Win, Exacta.

For the betting type Τrifecta in case the participant included in player’s selection the betting type is converted to Εxacta, while the rest combinations that do not include the scratched participant are considered valid.

In case of a replacement the replaced Greyhound is void and the bets stand for the replaced greyhound.

In case of abandonment, postponement or interruption of the race, the selection offered to any prediction of the player for the respective bet shall be one (1.00) and any bets shall be refunded.

In case there are more than one winners, then the winning odd for each one of them shall be divided accordingly. Dead heat rule applies.

In case of a false start, all bets stand if the race takes place again within the day, and the bets are void after 24 hours if it does not.

In case of a delayed start, all bets stand within the day and the bets are void after 24 hours.

Betting Types


The player predicts the winner of the race.

The minimum required number of participants is three (3).

In Win market, there is also the option of starting price (S.P) which is the odd of a greyhound the exact moment the race starts.

S.P. is a fixed odds proposition in due time and it is regulated by the General Terms & Conditions of Fixed odds.


The player predicts which of the participants in a race will finish in the first and second place, in the exact order.

The minimum number of participants required for the “Exacta" is four (4).


The player predicts which of the participants in a race will finish in the first, second and third place, in the exact order.

The minimum number of participants required in "Trifecta" is five (5).